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Summer Networking in Style- Your Secret Weapon to Success

Tania The City Milliner & Networker

This week summer arrived with glorious sunshine and tropical temperatures and that gives us all a chance for some alfresco networking. Perhaps a spot of lunch at Coq d’Argent, or afternoon bubbles at Madison’s. If it’s not too windy (and you’re not wearing flip flops) I can recommend some cocktails on the terrace at Sushi Samba.  

For me, networking is all about making connections, and eye contact is a key part of communicating, building trust and finding common ground.  Yet in the summer, so many of us hide behind dark sunglasses.  We may be protecting our eyes, we may look cool in the latest styles, but we also put up a communication barrier.

Sunglasses impact communication by removing eye contact- some might  even call it rude

Sunglasses impact communication by removing eye contact- some might  even call it rude

How does a successful summer networker overcome sunshine glare without sunglasses?

Enter the Panama hat.  As a recent convert to hats, wearing a hat when out and about in the summer has a lot going for it from both a practical and statement standpoint. A Panama is light and breathable, it protects not just your eyes but your face (I can’t be the only one who’s forgotten adequate sunscreen and suffered the subsequent tomato blush - not cool.) 

And it is memorable.

The City Milliner networking in a panama

 The City Milliner is on a mission to bring the hat back to the City. Yet until hats become a common sight again, a stylish unique bespoke Panama hat will make you stand out in the crowd, which is key when you network.  I meet so many people when out and about, it’s often difficult to keep track of everyone, and having something visual to remind you of them can really help. 

As the old adage goes ..”If you want to get ahead - get a hat”…. So next time you leave your house, or office for a smart day outside, don’t forget your hat - your Panama hat.

See you on the rooftops.

A City Milliner Panama hat before blocking

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